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Chiropractor Kennewick WA Milo Meet Team


Milo Thurber D.C.

When I was thirteen I had fractured my spine and no one in the medical community could figure out why I was in so much pain. The pain was sporadic but it would put me on the ground when it hit. My parents took me to a chiropractor in the country. His office was a small room attached to the side of his house. He held my x-rays up to the light in the ceiling and laid me down on the table. My life was forever improved from that moment. 

I knew after that I wanted to be a chiropractor and help others out as I was helped.

I receive regular adjustments to keep my body working as well as it can for as long as possible. I will always go to a chiropractor to keep my spine and health on track.

I encourage and invite you to join me on this journey towards health by receiving regular chiropractic adjustments as long as you live.

Chiropractor Kennewick WA Liebing Meet Team


Allen Liebing D.C.

I can happily say that I am a lifer when it comes to chiropractic care! Growing up in Pasco, WA with parents who farm has cemented in my mind the importance of keeping your body going with chiropractic adjustments. I was very active in both sports and helping out on the farm, all of which landed me frequently in my local chiropractic office. I am very grateful my parents understood the value of chiropractic.

My favorite thing about being a chiropractor is being able to help people achieve their goals and return to an active, healthy, pain-free lifestyle!

Chiropractor Kennewick WA Hanson Meet Team


Alan Hanson D.C.

When deciding what to do for a living I knew two things, I wanted to use my hands and I wanted to make big improvements in people's lives. I have enjoyed good health my whole life and I wanted to help people achieve the same thing without the use of drugs or surgery. The more I learned about the miracle of Chiropractic the more I knew that this was what I wanted to do.

Having undergone a series of treatments I realized that I felt better than I ever thought I could and more importantly I realized that my body could function better in all aspects of health with regular adjustments. Both my mother and father (who were skeptical and hesitant) are now under chiropractic care.

I love helping people experience the healing capacity of their bodies through chiropractic care and I look forward to making a difference in the community here in the Tri-Cities.

Chiropractic Kennewick WA Vanessa Meet Team


I like watching movies, shopping, and spending time with my family. My favorite thing about working at AFC is that chiropractic care is so accessible and I can get adjusted weekly. Chiropractic has helped my back feel a lot better and I get fewer headaches and less back pain. I also sleep much better.

Chiropractic Kennewick WA Tioni Meet Team



I like traveling, spending time with friends and family, and reading. I have many hobbies that include anything and everything crafty, including photography. My favorite thing about working at AFC is being a part of a team that helps so many people.

I love chiropractic because every single day we hear life-changing stories from our patients. Chiropractic has helped me regain a normal life. Multiple time/week migraines were starting to take their toll and I just didn't have the life in me I did before.

Chiropractic Kennewick WA Arianna Meet Team

Patient Resource Director


I love spending my off time watching baseball and softball. I also enjoy leading a Girl Scout troop in my free time. My favorite thing about working for AFC is that I get to meet amazing people and help patients understand the crazy world of insurance.

Plus, we have the best chiropractors who care so much for their patients. I love chiropractic because since starting my chiropractic journey I have been able to be more active and pain-free.

I spent so many years being told by doctors that my lower back was just weak and that I would always have to deal with the pain. Once I started getting regularly adjusted that all changed, I no longer am in pain all day long.

Chiropractic Kennewick WA Sheryl Meet Team

Patient Care Director


In my free time, I enjoy gardening, cooking, and reading. The best thing about working at Advanced Family Chiropractic is the family atmosphere here. I love Chiropractic because of how rejuvenated I feel after an adjustment and that it's a natural remedy to various health ailments. Chiropractic care has helped me a lot by speeding up my recovery from colds and helping with my seasonal allergies.

Chiropractic Kennewick WA Grace Meet Team

Patient Care Director


I like to go to the river, BBQing, camping, and dance. My favorite thing about working at AFC is knowing that we help so many people live better lives and that they can do things they might not otherwise be able to. Getting adjusted is nice too.

Chiropractic has helped me be pain-free while working and spending time with my family. It has also helped me manage stress better and sleep better as well.

Chiropractic Kennewick WA Lily Meet Team

New Patient Liaison


I enjoy spending my time staying busy outside of work doing many activities like spending time with family & friends, bowling, fishing, and dancing. My Favorite thing about chiropractic care is being able to get adjusted daily and knowing I can rely on chiropractic for any health issue.

I love the feeling of having relief from any pain in my body and Chiropractic has helped me become a stress-free, healthier and happier person.

Chiropractic Kennewick WA Kassie Meet Team

Chiropractic Assistant


When not at work I enjoy traveling, hanging out with friends, and painting. My favorite thing about working at AFC is being able to grow, seeing patients every day, and building relationships with them. I enjoy chiropractic care because of how you can see huge improvements after just 1 adjustment.

I haven't gotten sick in over 2 years due to getting chiropractic adjustments

Chiropractic Kennewick WA Katie Meet Team

Chiropractic Assistant


When not at work I love to be with my dogs and family. Summer is my favorite time of the year and my hobbies during summer include hiking, boating, and kayaking. My favorite thing about working at AFC so far is the opportunity I've been given to expand my knowledge and getting to learn new things every day like cryotherapy and laser therapy.

I've played sports and worked out since I was in middle school and chiropractic care has helped me stay healthy and be able to continue doing the things I enjoy like being active

Chiropractic Kennewick WA Advanced Family Chiropractic Hilary

Hilary Thurber

I am passionate about wellness care. I went to the chiropractor for the first time when I was 13 and diagnosed with scoliosis. I have had regular chiropractic care since. When Milo and I were dating and he told me he wanted to become a Chiropractor, I was sold! I loved to study with him and we have raised our 4 daughters with regular adjustments and a focus on wellness care. Opening this practice is a lifelong dream actualized!

Chiropractic Kennewick WA Addy Meet Team

Massage Therapist


When I'm not at work I love to walk my dog, write poetry, travel and try new places to eat with family and friends. My favorite thing about working at AFC is all the wonderful patients I get to know and learn about. I love Chiropractic/Massage because I've experienced all the benefits of living pain-free with my daily activities because of these treatments.

Chiropractic/Massage has helped me feel better not only physically but also mentally and I can move with ease. It helps me to do my best while I'm helping others heal.

Chiropractic Kennewick WA Raquel Meet Team

Massage Therapist


My favorite pastimes include watching Gilmore Girls, playing with my cat Luna, and kicking back with a good book and a cup of coffee. I love my patients here at AFC! I enjoy seeing my regulars and meeting new people from all walks of life. I love being a massage therapist because everyone always looks forward to seeing me.

Any day that I get to help my patients feel their best is always an amazing day. I was introduced to massage therapy when I was experiencing severe tension headaches. I loved it so much that I realized "Hey! This is what I need to be doing with my life."

Chiropractic Kennewick WA Mirah Meet Team

Massage Therapist


In my free time, I enjoy writing books, photography, and spending time with my family. I also love movies and am always down for a good movie. My favorite thing about working at AFC is the people I work with are very kind and encouraging.

I'm always very happy to come to work even though I'm not a morning person because my coworkers make it enjoyable. I love Massage therapy because it helps people in a way they don't even realize. There's so much more to it than just getting a massage.

Chiropractic has greatly helped me. I had a rib out of place for a long time and it was painful. I got adjusted and have been getting adjusted regularly ever since because it has helped me so much.

Chiropractic Kennewick WA Bella Meet Team

Marketing Manager


I enjoy plants, art and design, crafts, shopping, and trying new foods. In my free time, you can find me spending time with my family and friends, playing with my dog, traveling, or enjoying a good Netflix series. My favorite thing about working at AFC is being able to use my creativity to share chiropractic with others and watch it change their lives.

I also really enjoy my coworkers and the environment we have here at AFC. I absolutely LOVE Chiropractic because it has literally changed my life. I suffered from back problems and headaches for years before learning about Chiropractic care. Once I started getting adjusted and seeing the effect chiro can have on your body I was changed. I was a happier, less stressed, and pain-free version of myself. I now cannot live without it and I tell everybody I know because people often don't realize the long list of things it can help with. Chiropractic will forever be a part of my life.

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